6 reasons why Libra and Aquarius are perfectly matched. Libra and Aquarius Compatibility

Libra and Aquarius are both Air signs and they are wonderfully matched. The common element leads to common worldviews and purposes, it causes a real mutual interest towards each other.

Both signs are very sociable and it makes them good interlocutors, first of all, for each other. They are a great creative couple – these two signs have inborn creative potential which they would like to develop. They will often support each other in this direction.

Their meeting may turn out to be love at first sight and the relationship will develop swiftly.

Marriage and love compatibility 


Aquarius Man Libra Woman 

It is a stable and harmonious couple of two soulmates. In most cases their romance leads to marriage.

Common interests serve as a solid base for a strong and harmonious family:

- They tend to have long conversations on different topics, it will help to diversify their life and solve any questions pretty fast and constructively. Their quarrels look like a philosophical talk which aim is to find out the truth.

- Men in this couple love freedom and women can wisely satisfy this need.

Being given such freedom men are unlikely to break bad, but devote themselves to self-discovery.

- In return, women get everything they need – romanticism, tender and care.

- Wise women will direct a little irresolute men to right decisions.

- The wide range of interests of men will stimulate them to self-improvement.

- Women, in their turn, aim men to intellectual development.

It is connected with different conceptions of conducting domestic affairs. They can hardly yield to each other. Though, women in this couple are tactful enough to reach a compromise.



    Libra Man Aquarius Woman

    It is a bright and ambiguous couple of an unexpected feminine but at the same time tough woman and a soft, amiable but unstable man. Their relationship is heterogeneous, based on friendship, mutual understanding and strong emotional connection that makes it quite strong.

    Serious conflicts will often pass the couple by:

    - Men strive for psycho-physiological comfort and its absence could frustrate them. If women understand their partner and create necessary conditions for him, they will easily maintain the pleasant family atmosphere.

    - The difficulty can be caused by women’s fidelity to principal and obstinacy. This quality is balanced by men’s patience.

      - Men’s ability to plan will help their partner realize all her brave ideas and dreams.

      - Men are perfectionists and will make high demand of their partner, but a freedom-loving women are unlikely to satisfy them. Equality and the ability to discuss conflicts will reduce their number to minimum.

      - Men in this couple are more open-minded and, at first, they will need to put efforts to reveal their women’s feelings. It concerns interpersonal and sexual relationship.

      - Their life together will be successful if men are responsible for the family budget, because women of this sign do like to limit themselves in caprices and can not control money expenses.


        Libra and Aquarius Compatibility


        In Sex 


        Both these signs are sensual and bright in sex.

        Aquarius has rich sexual fantasies and tends to bring experiments in this sphere.

        Libra has rather high demands, but Aquarius is able to meet them.

        Sensual connection of this couple must be fed off romanticism and friendship. Their relationship is rarely based on pure sex.


        In Friendship 


        They can be good friends because they have common interests and do not have strong desires to educate each other.

        They tend to have their own private space and enjoy freedom, but it does not prevent them from being friends.

        They treat friendship seriously thus very reliable and faithful. Both these signs support each other in hard times and any beginnings. They guard their feelings and it helps to keep the friendship between Aquarius and Libra for years.


        In Business 



        This couple is good for common projects as both are quick-minded and good orators that helps to develop the common business. They are perfectly matched in a team work – one’s advantages supplement the weaknesses of the other partner.

        Though these signs are not practical enough and sometimes become a victim of their laziness. To compensate the negative features it is advisable to invite a representative of another sign.



        Libra and Aquarius Famous Couples:


        - Franklin D. Roosevelt (Aquarius) and Eleanor Roosevelt (Libra)

        - John Lennon (Libra) and Yoko Ono (Aquarius)

        - Kelly Preston (Libra) and John Travolta (Aquarius)

        - Alan Cumming (Aquarius) and Saffron Burrows (Libra)


        Percentage of compatibility


        Aquarius Man and Libra Woman - 90 %

        Libra Man and Aquarius Woman – 40%

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